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Meet our Specialists

Since 1949, Niagara Therapy has been providing therapeutic relief through multi-directional massage to people around the world. 

We at Niagara Therapy of Fort Wayne have been striving to help people feel better and to quell the aches and pains which accompany everyday life.

With store locations in Indiana and surrounding states, and with the power of the Internet, we are able to provide our products to people in need around the country.

We are committed to earning your business. We provide a knowledgeable and specially trained staff at your service to help you select the product best suited to your needs.  All the products we sell have service available nationwide.
Let us help you start to feel better today.

Jeff Hibler is the President of Niagara Therapy which was opened by his parents.  Since July of 1978, Jeff has been helping people get the benefits of having a feeling better and getting a good nights sleep.  As the operator of Niagara Therapy, Jeff is committed to providing you with the best possible products. 

"My goal is simply to help people feel better.  Thank you for visiting our website.  Please call 1-800-541-0452 anytime to speak to Kent, Frank, or myself.  We look forward to helping you!"
                                                                                       -Jeff Hibler

Kent Loomis has been a Specialist with Niagara Therapy since January of 1995.  Kent has been helping customers of Niagara Therapy feel better for 15 years.  He goes out of his way to bring our adjustable beds and lift chairs to you when you can't get to us. 

Frank Gentry has been a Specialist with Niagara Therapy since January of 1996.  Frank came to Niagara Therapy from a competitor.  He has dealt with many adjustable beds and lift chairs out there and is well versed on the comparison of our products and the competitions.  He realizes that the Niagara products are a step ahead of the rest.